Stoke Your Success

The book celebrates Stoke-on-Trent as a city where many achievers have grown up or been sited, or evolved their inspiring achievements - across many different fields of life and business.  Yet Stoke-on-Trent in North Staffordshire is not recognised as a terrific place to live or grow up. The area and its population is often dismissed as a deprived area with few opportunities for people to thrive – whether as individuals, families and businesses. But it is actually a diverse inner-city and surrounding area with lots of achievers in many fields - education, business, healthcare, research, innovation, sports, arts, public services and much more. All their achievements should be recognised internationally and many actually are.

The content from the interviews with the 23 achievers that have been collated here will provide ‘ordinary’ people with a wide range of ‘stories’ of success that they can apply to their own circumstances too - giving them confidence that they can emulate one or more of the achievers included in this book and fulfil their potential in their own life whatever their personal circumstances. You Can Do It Too!

Readers will not only be inspired, but realise that they can mirror such successes too in related ways in their own lives & careers – whatever their age or ethnicity, or the earlier experiences or education they have had or situation that they are in.

Ruth (who’s successful in her own right) interviewed each achiever in an engaging way to let them tell their life story as they wished. Each chapter then relays the essence of each interview in a chatty way, condensed to a readable length, keeping the interviewee’s key points and style.

Then three young people, Lewis Chambers, Charlie Stanyer and Gabby Johnson reviewed each chapter independently and brought out what they believed to be the key points of each chapter. Their joint commentary is shown in red scattered in boxes throughout each chapter). You can watch them talking about their experience of co-authoring the book.

You can view extracts from the book here

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